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Audi AI: TRAIL terrain vehicle, charging 1 time over 400 km


Audi AI:TRAIL changed into added via the manufacturer to display on the IAA Frankfurt 2019 international vehicle show without delay attracting the attention of the clicking way to its brilliant and fancy layout.


This automobile is currently in concept form best. But bringing to the show a car like this opens up the opportunity for a commercial version to be released in the future


The cabin seems like the layout of a spaceship, mounted on the legs are four large 22-inch wheels, with huge tires for difficult terrain.


Audi AI:TRAIL path operates by means of four electric automobiles with a complete ability of 320-kilowatt (319 hp), most torque is very horrible, up to 1,000 Nm. With the battery percent attached to the car, each rate is full, Audi says the vehicle can pass a distance of approximately 400-500 kilometers.


Audi says the car is equipped with level 4 self-driving technology, which is asymptotic to full self-driving. The German automaker stated that the parameters of friction, slip, acceleration … will be despatched to the brain processor, thereby maximizing the vehicle working enjoy.


in addition to the precise look and indoors as coming from the destiny, a really astounding function ready on Audi AI:TRAIL is the lighting fixtures gadget. as opposed to the use of lights like other vehicles, Audi’s concept is that they may mount on pinnacle of the car wireless charging station, along side 5 drones with LED matrix.


These are called Audi Light Pathfinder, with the ability to generate lift power thanks to a bladeless fan system. Thanks to the compact design, low energy consumption, so this mobile light can fly ahead and illuminate the view, completely replacing the task of conventional headlights. In addition, if desired, users can also record streaming video from the drone to the inside screen of the vehicle.

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