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Audi TT tuning to drive the Euro Tuner

Audi TT

Audi TT changed into the proprietor of the automobile is reggae Apiruk or Raggae19 provide you with new decor and particular Caractere also does not depart marks electricity through tuning brought. With a narrow backside organized in complete every perspective like that is a step that isn’t always clean to compose. From a eu automobile like this go see the rarity, do better.

R8 car styling and carbon fiber spoiler

The Audi TT era 2 is the most popular model of the ecu sports activities automobile of the era. With stunning shape Compact, rose fashion So he turned into stuck and dressed collectively loads one in all them is Khun Ke Which comes unconventional, does now not want to duplicate every body Then took the get dressed from Caractere from Belgium, that’s a beautiful, clean element. That changed into inspired via the massive Audi sports vehicle known as stunning dress, not pass-border The front-rear bumper looks as if a plastic panel with three-dimensional fins and honeycomb designs. Get to the front grille of the TT RS version. The same pattern is fundamental. Black carbon fiber strip on the rear wheel arch keep on with the shape with the frame To be a exquisite car With a 2-pin rear spoiler made of carbon fiber as well All of this is a ready-made get dressed from Europe.

The TT RS steering wheel is embedded in the Defi Boost Temple in the air compartment.
Gear head from the top of the TT RS. Decorate the console with authentic carbon fiber.

The indoors of this car isn’t unusual. due to the fact Khun Kae is dressed with carbon fiber on the center console To match the carbon fiber steering wheel of the TT RS model, which is likewise the pinnacle, as well as the tools head and rear view replicate of the TT RS, in addition to placing the Defi ‘s boost gauge into the air in the center compartment Makes it acknowledged that the pressure isn’t unusual reinforced with Osir ‘s pedals, made of actual metal further, it does no longer leave eu luxurious. With true leather Nappa upholstered seats Is a two-tone black-beige colour fantastic gentle, incredible comfortable reduce the shade with a pink bell from Sparco

Additional original equipment is 1.5 bar booster, with more than 300 horsepower.

modified Euro Tuner engine with authentic block, upload new faster raise with tune stage 2+ field with the aid of movement storage to boost up to 1.5 bar to spin the engine through 300 gadgets with the intercooler of Scirocco R Direct model with new Blow off valve for Forge Motorsport , consumption aspect, VWR air filter out, exhaust side, Remus exhaust pipe and exhaust, both 2.five inch line, changed spark plug system for NGK Laser Iridium kind with coil put the electricity from the Audi R8 pink coil. it’s miles referred to as using all the styling equipment. not mixed Is a true Euro tuner style

Max W-work gnosis cv201 19-inch edge. See Brembo caliper as well.
Shock absorbers and springs are of KW V3, with strut adjustment.

The tightness in the blood of european cars already. however for this vehicle still have to go to any other by means of changing the surprise absorber and the spring of KW V3 with the spiral adjustment And additionally with rubber tires. Toyo game T1 , the front size 235/35 and after 245/35, max holder W-work gnosis cv201, 19-inch rim, eight.five-inch the front width and nine-inch rear also used the gods like Brembo , the front size 6, potter and returned, four pts with a brand new substitute brake disc, front 374 mm and rear 330 mm, coupled with additional Nexzter Race brakes to forestall the Brembo hand brake for Audi R8 become being the real one

Euro Tuner style does not require much but is full of strength and sticky.

Called Khun Kae as a real car. Because daring to invest in good things every corner To be a European sports car Has upgraded the strength to drive fun, respond well to the garden, both direct and curved, work well

Tech Spec


  • Dress – Caractere
  • Front Bumper – Caractere
  • Rear bumper – Caractere
  • Rear wheel arch panel – Caractere carbon fiber
  • Spoiler – Caractere Carbon Fiber


  • Center console – carbon fiber
  • Steering Wheel – TT RS Carbon Fiber
  • Gearhead – TT RS 
  • Rearview mirror – TT RS
  • Boost – Defi Temple
  • Pedal – Osir
  • Cushion – Genuine leather Nappa
  • Bell – Sparco


  • Box – Tune Stage 2+ by Motion Garage
  • Turbo-Boost 1.5 Bar
  • Intercooler – Scirocco R
  • Blow Off Valve – Forge Motorsport
  • Air filter – VWR
  • Header – Remus
  • Exhaust – Remus 2.5 inches
  • Spark plug – NGK Laser, Iridium type
  • Coil – Audi R8 red coil


  • Shock Absorber – KW V3
  • Spring – KW V3
  • Tire – Toyo Sport T1, size 235/35 and after 245/35
  • Alloy wheels – W-work gnosis cv201, 19 inch rim 
  • Calipers – Brembo, front size 6, potter and rear 4 pot
  • Brake disc – front 374 mm and after 330 mm
  • Brake Pads – Nexzter Race
  • Hand brake – Brembo for Audi R8
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