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Honda Civic EG 3 door body for the popular young poets Tech


Honda Civic EG 3 door body for the popular young poets Tech

Honda Civic 3-door  car is a high potential from the factory. Whether in the double wishbone suspension (Double Wishbone) the performance of the tires can pull out fully. The extremely lightweight chassis. Called a car with a lightweight top. Of the world that has it all There are also organized around VTEC engine, which just made a little modification, you can pull out your engine for maximum efficiency.



Civic 3-door style Street – U.


Today BoxzaRacing are taking to get to know the Civic 3-door  vehicle another. That comes with finishing fierce. Still, it can also be used in everyday life as well. Known as a racing-style Street – U (Street-use) for truly Civic 3-door  vehicle will carry you what to do. It would be cool to do … We’re going to watch it.

Civic 3 door  Sihamoni stripper live with this. Comes with the stern Carbon fiber trim with front-J’s Racing Division left cheek – right, clad in carbon fiber to enhance the image of atrocities to the car. There was also a thick tongue (Splitter) carbon fiber Mugen that he will add another dimension to the car already. You can also create pressure (Downforce) to get another car.



Carbon fiber side mirror from the Bureau of Spoon.



This version sunroof


The rear bumper has a hole in the trend, which many people see it as just a “fad,” but I’ll say that. The hole is a buffer. Changing the rear bumper into “Aerosmith Apartment” That’s very good for the purpose of pressure relief. Which is the source of air resistance.



 Drilling buffer along the trend





For the interior of the Civic 3-door vehicle, it’s not an amazing view ever. Striking distance with front seat red RECARO SR III with Belt TAKATA 4 point increase racing into another gear Type R Moreover, the eye-catching one is the roll bar six dots. the sky was installed to add strength to the chassis. To increase the safety of the cabin as well.



B16B engine


Twin cam engine – code red cap B16B previous edits are a clutch of popular ORC unique sound of the disc clutch. Also known as “Clutch a rainbow of drinks” enough horsepower to deliver a manual 5-speed transmission with a gear ratio S4C Code 4.7 was distributed to the wheels left – right with a Limited Slip video effects. Lauren Specialty Power of the engine are controlled by the P30 fuel oil used as E85.



The pinion after F7


Strawberry Spiral CUSCO were stationed at the four shock to the body weight of ethereal Civic 3-door sub-frame is part of F7 years back, it was a bird of F7, too Alloy ENKAI Pro-. II White 15-inch width 7 inches and four rubber bands in front of the rear tires Hankook RS3 size 195/50 tires are racing-style dry. And brought a sheep pattern of AD08.



Civic 3-door … even the more seasoned.


With a car that was modified relatively easily. There is a price to reach not hard. Body putsHonda Civic 3-door hearts were racing for a long time. The chassis will last more than 20 years, but the time lapse does not make Civic 3-door has been less popular at all. on the other hand It turned out the car … “… Even the more seasoned.”




  • Engine – B16B
  • Air Filter – Simota
  • Clutch – ORC
  • ECU – P30 (fuel E85).
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual.



  • Hood – J’s Racing.
  • Thick tongue – Mugen
  • Glass – Spoon



  • Front seats – RECARO SR-III.
  • Top Gear – Type R
  • Rearview Mirror – Zoom light carbon.



  • Alloy – ENKAI Pro-II 15-inch (7-inch wide band of four).
  • Front tires – Hankook RS3 size 195/50.
  • Sub-frame – F7
  • Wishbone rear – F7
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