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Honda CR-Z Super Compact RMI Racing Racing Circuit super-garde


Honda CR-Z Super Compact RMI Racing Racing Circuit super-garde

Comes with another country to watch is tremendous. In the event of Thailand Super Series 2016 , also known as short. The TSS in the Super Compact  car is the Honda CR-Z by car into the race in this release. It is a car with an engine capacity of 1500 – 1600 cc. Available today. You can also add strength Or modified engines to the full as ever. But with the extraordinary car Honda CR-Z from the RMI Racing By Sunoco this team, so bring your friends. Visitors will be pretty well full force and what to do. We’re going to watch it with the Honda CR-Z car.



Comes with a two-tone exterior paint. Sponsor logos are expected to look very eye-catching.


When it comes to car Honda CR-Z is a dream car for those who love the car. Honda certainlyJust because the old car Do not wear anything that is already cast. Thus making you a prom Shining prowess estates used as a race car to compete in the Thailand Super Series 2016 and is considered the car Honda. CR-Z  to watch very much.

For the exterior of this car Remains the same What’s more, not finishing kit. But also add color to the eye-catching. The two-car colors – shades of blue with black trim. Along with the logo of the Sponsor is sponsoring a racing car. The Sunoco only It makes the car stand out a lot. When the ride on the racetrack. The design is quite eye-catching audience.



The typical full car.



Display screen of MoTeC C127


“In Full Typical racing “look within for some car Honda CR-Z cars full of typical race car as well. The first thing that needs to be It is a   roll bar at the full body. This is a safety device that the car has to compete in the Thailand Super Series 2016  must be installed to ensure safety in the event. The roll bar is the creation of Mard. Body parts of the interior of the car. Was dismantled allTo reduce weight race car chassis provides a lightweight racing down the steps. The driver’s seat is the only seat. Recaro a Full Bucket Seat belt with HPI and Seoul call the car. The setup screen Display of MoTaC Model C127 tell them different. engine And a control panel switch – off. Car Accessories The steering was switched to a steering wheel. OMP for added grip to the driver. Then I shall be completed With the competition now



L15 engine was modified for a particular race.



And of course, oil is selected Sunoco Brill.


“Engine Modified Full” The engine was called quite unusual full. With the modification of JUN Auto Mechanic  car, but with Honda. CR-Z engine ever It comes in a hybrid. The competition rules are not compatible with hybrid engine in a race car. I believe that in the near future. Rules in this section More will be coming up for sure. To make this car Required to change a new heart It is easy because the engine code L15 L15 engine has led not to use the hybrid modification of JUN Auto Mechanic  installed instead. The details of the modification of the engine itself. ChangedCamshaft use of JUN Auto Mechanic  spring valves, pistons, fuel pump. Remains of the total But controlled by the ECU MoTeC M150 , just as I expected it to do.



Alloy rims with tires measuring 195/50/15 15 matched all four wheels.


“I’d bend The suspension “cars to compete in the Circuit of what is important. Suspension Suspension Set Up Because if not better. It will result in competition for the same vehicle was used to change the Shock Absorber of Tein 2 Way Adjustable thoroughly. In terms of height and Bump and Rebound in the alloy was selected as the 15-inch alloy wheels paired with 195/50/15 tires and four wheels, and the brakes are indispensable, it is not. upgrade Endless brake pads into the brake with the car. That was enough for the competition.



Style game in tournament Thailand Super Series 2016.



Shining effect on your prom treasure under the RMI Racing By SUNOCO.


How well do the car Honda CR-Z from RMI Racing By SUNOCO that the team has come to watch. I was racing another vehicle to watch very much. In the event of Thailand Super Series 2016 season in Super. Compact and the team had to thank you for the prom Shining prowess estates and the RMI Racing By SUNOCO that has brought this car to a friend. Watch your guestsIn addition to the car, then you can watch beautiful clips. This car was on top of it. And next time I will be racing cars in Thailand Super Series 2016 can be tracked as well that it is absolutely extraordinary.





Steering: OMP


Belt: HPI

Roll bar: Mard Body

Screen Display: MoTeC C127


Model: L15

Camshaft: JUN

Valve springs: STD

Pistons: STD

Modified by: JUN

Fuel pump: STD

The ECU: MoTeC M150


Clutch: Tilton 5.5 inches

เกียร์ : 5 Speed Close Ratio


Shock absorber – rear: TEIN 2 Way.

Front Wheel – Rear: 7 x 15 inches.

Tire – Rear: 195 / 50R15.

Brake – rear: STD brake ENDLESS

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