Home News Honda Jazz GK cars Run applications from under colorful sweet Nakama

Honda Jazz GK cars Run applications from under colorful sweet Nakama


Honda Jazz GK cars Run applications from under colorful sweet Nakama

Today we have the Jazz GK sweet from under Nakama another country come to visit again. This time, we have locations in photography at the Rajamangala Stadium. I must say that one of the perspective has to do more. The model of us today is how we see it. I want to thank the pitch Rajamangala Stadium too.




Honda Jazz GK By อ้น Nakama


Start at the outer body, which comes in colors sweet. Pink, purple little glimpse of Hu’s favorite car color famous City Car, Eco Car to Car very different mind. Recent work at the  Civic FC is made out of the garage, it’s a little provocative cast. I had this many friends, it must be better known.Uncle Jam Addzest Carcolor certainly Part of a series that is still in use as of the factory. The weight of the front hood Carbon. Fiber smooth from  Kazumi Carbon  and added a little more handsome with headlights and taillights Hybrid from Japan authentic.



Casting heavy with Recaro SR7 KK100.


Open the door to see the cabin of the Jazz. GK this little Leasing of which must be at  Deficame together as a family throughout the six plus Defi ZD another. Then, turning the steering wheel to tighten the grip. The use of Nardi , who called the flower stalk. Paired with neck steering secret folds of the Personal section seat, he was a cushion Semi-Bucketseat still a rose – a comfortable Recaro SR7 black Installation of racing in all it still is. Addzest Carcolor the same



Old style car engine running. The owner said the lean Nottingham !!


The air that you examined Nakama car owners, it does not focus much because I want to use the vehicle on a daily basis. If you forgot to tell us that this car is really focused on the family car on a shopping trip with friends rather than racing. It is only a pipe to a rousing Suemesiig more fun to drive as it gives up on another level, go here.



Shock Tein green teens.


RE30 wheels with matching brake Project MU.


Finally, the suspension of the Jazz GK sweet cars with upgrades to the suspension, shock absorbers from Tein shock absorbers popular camps in Thailand and in Japan itself. Then added with cast wheels Volk Racing RE30 color Forge is known to paint almost any color, size, width 7 -35 offset by a rubber band TOYO T1R in size 195 / 50R15, then change the system. to tighten the brake, braking distance even more. By switching to the brakes  Project MU size 4pot and increase the firmness of the suspension a bit longer with Rigid Collar.



Aon Nakama you own this car here.


It is regarded as the Honda Jazz GK another vehicle that was beautifully decorated. Focus on usability and order prevail. The main purpose of the Jazz. GK vehicle owners made use of this fact and do shopping. The capacity of the Jazz is something that makes you attracted by the Aon body itself. To do this car would be ceded to the idea of owning a car and garage One Stop Serviceat Addzest. Carcolor his post And in BoxzaRacing a car Car racing style would come to watch each other, it must follow it. For this I must thank you and goodbye to Hello.




  • Headlights – Jazz GK Hybrid
  • Taillights – Jazz GK Hybrid
  • Hood – Carbon Fiber By Kazumi Carbon.


  • Steering – Nardi
  • Collapsible steering column – Personal
  • Seats – Recaro SR7 KK100
  • Gauge – Defi
  • Mirror – Zoom Engineering


  • Engine – L15
  • Set Up Header


  • Shock – Tein Flex.
  • Brake – Project MU
  • Shock pole – H-Drive.
  • Wheels – Volk Racing RE30
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