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Inkas Sentry Civilian – bulletproof vehicle

Inkas Sentry Civilian

Developed on Ford F-150 platform, Inkas sentry Civilian provides a similar protection because the SWAT (USA) quick response task force.


Products from the Canadian car maker give most protection not just for VIPs however conjointly for rich families.


Inkas Sentry Civilian was developed on the heavy truck version with many outstanding features in braking, suspension and electric, directly affecting the weight and size of the vehicle.


One of the explanations families opt for cars with an equivalent level of protection as SWATs is to stay their youngsters safe. that is why the Inkas sentry Civilian bulletproof vehicle was chosen.


Inkas Sentry Civilian owns multi-layer bulletproof glass and the body reaches protection level CEN 1063 BR 6, equivalent to 7.62 mm rifle bullet resistance, or withstand two DM51 grenades simultaneously without any damage.


The battery system, the car’s electronics are also protected firmly. Run-flat tires are bulletproof and allow the vehicle to move in case of out of breath.


Under the hood is the PowerStroke V8 6.7L turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 330 horsepower, 1,017 Nm of torque, comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission.


Targeting wealthy customers, Inkas Sentry Civilian is equipped with many common features such as advanced infotainment system, 360-degree camera, massage chair.

In the case of the car was attacked by bad guys with chemicals, the person inside the car is still unharmed thanks to special air filtration system.


At $ 350,000, the Inkas Sentry Civilian is only for the wealthy. Fuel tank of the car up to 151 liters.

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