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Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk V.2 Limited Edition

Lamborghini Aventador Liberty

Many supercar reputed people might recognise that considered to be the ultimate vehicle that has overall performance this is extraordinary from everyday automobiles, Lamborghini is taken into consideration another supercar logo that we often see. And if talking about the maximum of Lamborghini, Lamborghini Aventador ‘s name will absolutely appear in lots of people’s hearts. Which many humans could suppose that if we have a Lamborghini Aventador, the fee is sort of forty million, parked in the storage could likely pressure Take the woman to devour without having to add some thing to it however this concept doesn’t paintings with Benz Daemon because he has broughtTheir very own Lamborghini Aventador is adorned with Liberty stroll V.2 restrained edition, which has handiest 50 units in the world


Before we reach out to the details of this Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk V.2 , let’s take a look at the history of the Lamborghini Aventador . A bit better. The Lamborghini Aventador is a car model that replaces Lamborghini Murcielago. Which was first launched since 2011 under the LP700-4 chassis code and will limit production to just 4,000 vehicles worldwide In addition to the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 , Lamborghini has broken and developed many sub-models of the Aventador , whether it is a roadster or convertible, LP750-4 , Aventador J , LP 740-4 S andLP 770-4 SVJ The Lamborghini Aventador has been acclaimed in the international media as the Lamborghini , the best Lamborghini ever built and V12 Supercar machine is the most friendly in the world. As well as being awarded the Supercar of the Year in 2011 as well

Plate guarantees that this is the 7/50 part of the real piece.

Come back to the details of our Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk V.2 . Before this car will come out in the condition that we see Initially, Benz Daemon, when he first covered the Aventador , had already decorated it with the Liberty Walk V.1 part. In the first Liberty Walk V.1 set, it was set. Part skirts around cars that do not have a bulge look simple, which after completing and driving for a while Therefore, there is a project I would like to upgrade further. And wanting to give their Aventador a different and special look Therefore decided to order the Liberty Walk V.2 Limited EditionProduced only 50 cars in the world Which will be divided into 30 sales in Japan and only 20 sets sold outside of Japan, which this Liberty Walk V.2 Limited Edition set is considered the 7/50 series of the world and is considered a Liberty dress The first Walk V.2 Limited Edition is sold outside of Japan

Liberty Walk V.2 Limited Edition series that will emphasize more carbon Kevlar material

For the unique and unique features of the freedom walk V.2 restrained edition set, which is different from the freedom stroll V.1. in addition to being a chain of bulging stitches within the Liberty stroll fashion , the material of the component collection will attention on That the use of carbon Kevlar material greater than ever whether or not it is the the front of the tongue, carnival, front skirt, front skirt, again diffuser and tail after the Swan neck, which within the assembly of this part, Liberty stroll will ship a hard and fast. completed frame kit to finish We do no longer ought to cut or drill the authentic body to lose the fee once more. countless Motorsport, the legitimate agent and distributor of Liberty stroll elements in Thailand simply genuinely dispose of the original PODY parts, attach the auto out and update it with the completed fiber wheelbarrows at the way.Liberty walk that comes in the set before the cease of the brand new vehicle with a pattern in black tones with yellow-red stripes Is complete


Open to look at the inside of the Aventador. A bit later, Benz Daemon is still used as the original interior. Is okay anyway There is no more decoration. Because with the 40 million supercar at the inner level, it must be said that it is different and more luxurious than a typical sports car. Whether it is a sporty seat that uses black-red tones The center console panel that was similar to the control panel on the fighter plane and steering wheel with the chip chip. But another thing that is guaranteed that the Lamborghini Aventador is a genuine part from the Liberty Walk, of course, is the signature of Wataru Kato. The Liberty Walk

V12 engine in the code L538, size 6,500 cc., Which can be rolled up to 700 horsepower

The engine that was placed behind the original Lamborghini Aventador was the V12 engine in the code L538, size 6,500 cc., Paired with a 7-speed ISR semi-automatic transmission that could be rolled out to up to 700 horsepower. Which this level of strength Would probably be sufficient for normal use Drive around the place of your Benz Daemon , but in the future, you might think that Benz might have more engine stepping. Which may be a Light Tune Stage 2 upgrade in order to get more fun in driving.

AirRex shock absorber set that can adjust the height With just a finger touch
The new PUR Wheels in Custom with the entire Kevlar pattern

sooner or later, on this phase of the Aventador suspension system, with the shortness of the freedom stroll V.2 confined edition set that has been inserted in case you need to apply the same regular range you’ll in reality no longer be capable of pressure round. Of course, Benz Daemon then eliminated the unique shock absorber and replaced it with the air surprise absorber from AirRex, which may be adjusted from the inner of the auto. and can work from cellular phones in addition to for the alloy wheels which have been introduced to this bullfight , the new PUR Wheels at custom comes with an entire Kevlar pattern to match the element within the size 20×9 “on the front wheel and 21×13” on the wheel. The again is fastened with Pirelli tires, length 255 / 30R20 and 355 / 25R21.


Tech Spec


  • Custom Kit – Liberty Walk V.2 Limited Edition


  • Inside – Std.


  • Engine – V12 L538, size 6,500 cc. 700 horsepower


  • Shock Absorber – AirRex
  • PUR Wheels 20×9 “/ 21×13”
  • Tires – 255 / 30R20 and 355 / 25R21
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