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Mercedes-Benz C350e 2016


Mercedes-Benz C350e 2016

Mercedes-Benz C350e  a dental vehicle plug-in hybrid models. Inherited both luxury and hybrid models from Mercedes-Benz C300 BlueTEC Hybrid  , providing effective fuel economy and reduced emissions. But still better performance. Along with the design and installation of assistive technology. To provide excellent travel experience. It also comes with a chassis that meet the lifestyles of customers. The selection of the chassis sedan and Estate.




End Mercedes-Benz C350e


Mercedes-Benz C350e still looks striking, provocative and active in every dimension styleMercedes-Benz. C-Class from the classic grille with logo Mercedes-Benz  mounted above the hood. The grille also has added functions which can AIRPANEL – off automatically. To help optimize the coefficient of friction. And ventilation even better, headlight LED Intelligent Light System that comes with a lighting system intelligent, dual exhaust with chrome, alloy wheels with size by sub-models include 17-inch, 18 inch and 19 inch. the AMG

In the model,  Mercedes-Benz  AMG Estate Dynamic C350e will come with rear door and rear light designs special. To facilitate the removal of make it even easier.

Dimensional body of the  Mercedes-Benz  C350e  model. The details are as follows

  • Length x width x height: 4,686 x 1,810 x 1,442 (1,457 in the model C350 e Estate AMG Dynamic) mm.
  • Wheelbase: 2840 mm.
  • The distance between the front wheels – rear wheels: 1588-1570 mm.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 50 liters.



Mercedes-Benz C350 e Estate AMG Dynamic


For colored chassis of Mercedes-Benz. C350e are as follows

  • Polar White
  • Obsidiam Black
  • Tenorite Grey
  • Iridium Silver
  • Diamond Silver
  • Cavansite Blue
  • Diamond White Bright (exclusive color version The C350e Estate AMG Dynamic).




The center console Mercedes-Benz C350e


Mercedes-Benz C350e emphasis on luxury and sporty C-Class with a stylish center console that creates a one-piece backrest and armrests. Along with a wide variety of materials. The pattern material, aluminum, wood, brown material, material Artico leather upholstery, wood trim, black with a choice of black, beige, gray and red leather seats.




Gauges with LCD displays driving information.


From a gauge that displays driving information can be shown with a selected driving mode, the multimedia available to the touch, the steering wheel multi-function adjustable weight based on the vehicle speed and Touchpad area. arm Allows the user to control the operation of audio equipment such as radio – MB Audio 20 CD console at your fingertips. Offering entertainment with surround sound Burmester® (only Mercedes-Benz AMG Dynamic C350e ), automatic climate control THERMATIC a 2 – ZONE, fluorescent lights ?? l ?? around the cabin for a third color (Ambient. Lighting), H ?? g ?? Lahore session balancing the air inside the cabin ?? t (aIR bALANCE), roof panoramic sunroof with sliding open ?? – ?? of ?? the shutdown of the knife. ?? with this system, the electrical, etc. ??.



Interior areas


In Mercedes-Benz  AMG Estate Dynamic C350e developed passenger seat ?? ?? the back of the EASY – PACK Quickfold to fold a third and two thirds to create more space for packing luggage.And the Temple ?? – ?? spin on the door ?? Corps. ?? ?? Automatically without the need to use this for ??. The more comfortable


drive system


1991 cc turbo petrol engine.


Mercedes-Benz C350e  comes to power plug-in hybrid. Consists of four in-line cylinders engine cylinder capacity of 1991 cc. 211 hp electric motor with 82 hp and a combined maximum capacity of 279 horsepower at ?? the ?? water for torque and performance will vary based. body type is as follows:

  • Sedan torque of 350 Newton – meters at 1200-4000 r / min, acceleration 0-100 km / hour in 5.9 seconds, top speed 250 km / h.
  • Model Estate torque of 300 Newton – meters at 1200-4000 r / min, acceleration 0-100 km / hour in 6.2 seconds, top speed 246 km / h.

Both systems use automatic transmission. 7G-TRONICPLUS With Paddle Shift



Plug connector for charging


For plug-in hybrid. From Lithium – ion capacity of 6.38 kWh. Weighing about 100 kg, placed at the rear drive shaft. The cooling system of the water. And lid made from shock by the sheet metal covered by another layer. So riders get maximum security. With its innovative plug-in hybrid dominant in the economy. The rate of fuel consumption in a hybrid mode to 47.5 km / liter. And carbon dioxide emissions of only 58 g / km in the sedan and 54 g / km in the estate can fully charge within 3 hours result can be powered by electricity or EV alone can run. up to 33 km

This is not just The Mercedes-Benz C350e also comes with driving modes can be selected to provide optimal driving. Which together form the fifth.

  • Individual (I)
  • Sport + (S +)
  • Sport (S)
  • Comfort (C)
  • Economy (E)



Plug-in hybrid system as a whole. Mercedes-Benz New C350e


Apart from driving modes mentioned above. You can also choose the mode of operation of the Plug-In Hybrid for up to four types.

HYBRID: it will focus on the use of electric motors to drive as much as possible. If the battery voltage is lower than 20% will be used only to drive. If the driver and adjusts the automatic transmission into Sport mode (S) cars will be driven by the engine alone. The electric motor does not work

 E-Mode: can be driven by electric power fully. (Electric motors only) speeds up to 130 km / h. A maximum distance of 31 kilometers with no exhaust. (Depending on battery level and speeds), the driver does not press the accelerator beyond the resistance. If you press the accelerator beyond the resistance when. The engine will serve to drive the car away.

 E-SAVE  : While starting the E-SAVE the electricity available in the high-volt batteries while it is saved up. The system then uses the engine as the primary drive. The electric motor is used as little as possible. To maintain the current in the battery, with the same amount at the beginning, as if planning a trip in advance. You’re going to have to travel into the city with heavy traffic. After high-volt rechargeable battery should be fully E-SAVE to start traveling before entering the city. When driving in the city, it will have the maximum amount of power it uses E-MODE for city trip fully.

CHARGE:  The work in this format. Cars are driven solely by high-volt battery is maintaining charge level is moderate, while driven by the engine. And do not use an electric motor to propel it into electricity to recharge the battery stored in the high-volt constant. Torque of the engine can be converted into electrical energy. To accumulate in the battery and will have to convert the kinetic energy from braking to slow down or transformed into electrical energy and stored. Battery withWhen fully charged The system is tuned to work in E-SAVE automatically.


security system

In terms of security of the Mercedes-Benz New C350e The four models include the following.

security system  C350eAvantgarde C350eExclusive C350e AMG Dynamic C350e Estate AMG Dynamic
Before the accident protection system (Pre – Safe System). * *
?? The front airbag has two location of ?? d ?? for ?? rider and the passenger. * * * *
Airbags have the data ?? ?? ?? the fourth position for the driver and passenger ??. * * *
Airbags have the data ?? ?? ?? The location of the two for the driver and passenger side of the page ??. *
Se ?? the ?? B side airbags protect the head 4 for the location of ?? ?? ?? rider and the passenger. * * * *
Five three-point seat belts. * * * *
Electronic Stability Program ESP® (Electronic Stability Program). * * *  *
Brakes must be met ?? ?? obviated the locking ABS (Anti – lock braking system). * * * *
ADAPTIVE BRAKE braking system with ready ?? H ?? The HOLD function and Hill – Start Assist. * * * *
Emergency brake lights flashing (adaptive brake light). * * * *
System speed (cruise control) and the speed limit.(SPEEDTRONIC) * * * *
Reminders for accessible ?? the ?? Service Center (ASSYST Service interval indicator). * * * *
Tire pressure warning system (tyre pressure loss warning system). * * * *
The system helps alert fatigue while driving (ATTENTION ASSIST). * * * *
?? ?? Such a sensor in the car park of ?? Vera (PARKTRONIC). * * * *
Help system ?? a ?? The introduction of accessible parking, automatic (Active Parking Assist). * * * *
The camera displays images behind the vehicle while backing (reversing camera). * *
Creeps ?? surround the display. * *




Mercedes-Benz C350e


  • Mercedes-Benz C350e Avantgarde price of 2.64 million baht.
  • Mercedes-Benz C350e Exclusive price of 2.99 million baht.
  • Mercedes-Benz C350e AMG Dynamic price of 3.34 million baht.
  • Mercedes-Benz C350e Estate AMG Dynamic price of 3.69 million baht.
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