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Mitsubishi Triton vs Nissan Navara compared to pick-up trucks

Mitsubishi Triton vs. Nissan Navara compared to pick up trucks

examine the Mitsubishi Triton vs. Nissan Navara for a new pickup truck specification. To help readers decide For all and sundry searching out a pickup truck that is interested by the subsequent logo With the trap of the sub-version, four-door chassis, excessive raise, 2-wheel force and automobile Which seems to be a very beautiful specification because it could be both relaxed and least expensive each of these camps are allocated to pick out from, particularly the Triton 2.4 GT premium and Navara quality V,which are priced at the showroom as follows.

 generation Price (baht)
 Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 GT Premium 983,000
 Nissan Navara Caliber V 943,500

Compare the exterior shape

Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 GT Premium

Minor change, the latest version, year 2019, alternate the face – after a new set With a totally new Dynamic guard layout. normal appears undetermined The options consist of headlights, Bi-LED projectors with automatic high-low lighting, daylight LED sunlight hours, fog lighting fixtures, chrome side mirrors with turn indicators With defroster, front windshield, safety mild filter, computerized the front wiper With time delay, 3rd brake mild, facet ladder and rear spoiler


Nissan Navara Caliber V

The current appearance emphasizes luxurious. With a large chrome grille There are full alternatives. Projector headlight With automated high-low energy adjustment, daylight LED daylight hours, fog mild, chrome aspect mirror with flip sign With defroster, the front windshield, protection mild clear out, computerized front wiper With time postpone, third brake mild, aspect ladder and rear spoiler Have turn out to be the equal distinctive layout relying on options


while evaluating the general frame dimensions of the two models, there’s hardly ever any distinction. With a clear advantage of the Nissan Navara vehicle, which has a wheelbase duration of more than a hundred and fifty mm with a width among the axles more than 50-55 mm, each the front-again observed by the rear pickup width of more than 90 mm and Navara is 35 kg heavier than Triton, which influences the general automobile overall performance at the least. Triton pickup is longer. by means of that specialize in stretching the cabin by and large

  Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 GT Premium Nissan Navara Caliber V
 Width (mm) 1,815 1,850
 Length (mm) 5,300 5,255
 Height (mm) 1,795 1,785
 Front-rear wheel width (mm) 1,520 – 1,515 1,570 – 1,570
 Wheelbase (mm) 3,000 3,150
 Minimum distance from the floor (mm) 220 215
 Vehicle weight (kg) 1,845 1,880

Compare internal functions

both models have the equal fashionable options. whether it’s far a gauge with a riding information show Multi-function steerage wheel, infotainment device with touch display screen, computerized cut up kind air con device With 2 rear air con channels, such as faraway key, DC 12V DC connector, and automatic dimming mirror however with cool options The thrilling variations are as follows.


Mitsubishi Triton

The interior has a sporty appearance with black and silver-tone tones. exceptional from competition with driver’s seat is synthetic leather-based, may be adjusted to 8 positions, even as the passenger seat part 2 is slightly reclined. And having four audio system

Nissan Navara

        The interior is decorated in black tones. Insert the console panel with shiny black material. There are 6 more Nissan Connect systems with speakers. All the seats are made of fabric. At the driver’s position can be adjusted in 6 directions

Performance and efficiency

In terms of electricity, he should talk approximately power. it’s miles clean that Triton has both better horsepower and torque. On lighter body weight As for efficiency problems came to see the financial system Which the average oil consumption fee is taken into consideration close collectively whilst looking at the oil intake in the town, Triton discovered that it changed into extra within your budget than ingesting oil outdoor the town. Navara sipped a bit much less than its competitors. With diverse numerical specs In every model as follows

Mitsubishi Triton

       Engine Code 4N15 Clean Diesel MIVEC 2.4 L Capacity VG Turbo provides maximum performance 181 horsepower at 3,500 rev / min Torque 430 Nm – at 2,500 rev / min Transmission power 6 speed automatic transmission with Sport Mode


Nissan Navara

        Engine YD25DDTi 2.5 liter diesel common rail 4 cylinder VGS variable turbo Intercooler With a maximum power of 163 horsepower at 3,600 rpm

  Mitsubishi Triton Nissan Navara
 Maximum power 181 horsepower at 3,500 rev / min  163 horsepower at 3,600 rpm 
 Maximum torque  430 Newton – meters at 2,500 cycles / minute 403 Newton – meters at 2,000 cycles / minute
 Power transmission system 6-speed automatic Automatic 7 speed
 Rear gear ratio 4.272 3.357
 Eating oil in the city (km / l) 11.62 10.00
 Eat oil outside the city (km / l) 14.92 16.39
 Average oil consumption (km / l) 13.51 13.15
 Front suspension Double wishbone coil springs and stabilizer bars Double wishbone coil springs and stabilizer bars
 Rear suspension Tweezers with cross shock absorbers Tweezers with shock absorbers
Super narrow turning radius5.96.3
Wheels and tires265/60 18255/60 18

Compare safety equipment

        Nissan Navara

With ABS, EBD, BA with dual the front airbags input the automatic pace control device. With a reverse camera And the digicam looking across the course is preferred As for competition, the alternatives are distinct as follows.


       Mitsubishi Triton

There are protection devices just like the Navara, the entirety stated And more than that stability device, steep exit device, computerized excessive-low electricity supply, the front-collision warning gadget with gradual-down speed, rear-vehicle item detection gadget while withdrawing, with caution machine whilst the auto leaves the lane with warning factors unfortunately With caution technology when the automobile leaves the lane And there are extra sensors back


What conclusion is good?

         Nissan Navara  is more than a pickup truck. Use more fuel-efficient engines At a more affordable price Suitable for use in multi-purpose, both passenger and loading Provide savings when running more long distances

         Mitsubishi Triton is a car that provides higher safety. There is more interior decoration to please the people. But with more price as well Suitable for passenger use rather than slightly loading Use in the city will save fuel better.


battle for pick out-up vehicles, excessive raise, 2 models, secondary brands This time- saving choice, the Mitsubishi Triton vs. Nissan Navara has different specifications in step with every car fashion. The Nissan Navara also has a Black edition model to feature to the cast and upload leather seats as an alternative. If to decide which one is extra have to ask each consumer what type of likes Which must try and pressure a actual vehicle To discover a vehicle that meets the taste And actual use sooner or later, you can get to the front of the service center, promotions, and many others., consistent with personal flavor. All 2 fashions are ready to touch the actual showroom at all Nissan and Mitsubishi showrooms.

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