Home Sedan Nissan Almera Nismo vs Suzuki Ciaz RS Championships eco pulsating with sporty styling

Nissan Almera Nismo vs Suzuki Ciaz RS Championships eco pulsating with sporty styling


Nissan Almera Nismo vs Suzuki Ciaz RS Championships eco pulsating with sporty styling

Nissan Almera We


Car customization is a special car that has been distinguished. Unique and added value. Both complement the look sporty, aggressive look extra, extra luxurious look and feel. To raise the efficiency of driving may be even higher. Today, the team will bring a car up a special eco model championships featured for each model. Both Nissan to bring  Nismo ‘s Market in Thailand. Tees with Nissan Almera Nismo (Performance Package)  and a comparison of this time was  Suzuki Ciaz RS car’s eco-car models from Suzuki comes with the option of a modern watch.



Suzuki Ciaz RS




Sporty exterior of the Nissan Almera Nismo.


Nissan Almera Nismo  comes with a set of Nismo is a unique set of black, red bar. The chassis was perfectly white. For Sporty exterior of this model consists of a front bumper, door mirrors, black strips of red, the side skirts, spoiler, rear, black panel The diffuser and rear wheels 16 inches. Black fierce style For option standard equipped with headlights, multi-use flags, lights, fog lights and LED Daylight, car antenna, chrome door handles and so on.



Details on the side of Suzuki Ciaz RS.


Suzuki Ciaz RS  has been upgraded exterior styling, sporty whole front bumper, and side skirts, a rear spoiler, dynamic, alloy wheels 16 inches, also comes with a headlamp halogen. -projector The standard option. Equipped with fog lights, brake lights, a rear spoiler, electric adjustable side mirrors with turn signal.

The distinctive appearance Sports like no other, it’s hard to judge compared to the dimensions of the chassis of the car, the two versions. The details are as follows:

Body dimensions Nissan Almera We Suzuki Ciaz RS
Length x Width x Height (mm.). 4,568 X 1,695 X 1,500 4,505 X 1,730 X 1,475
Long Wheelbase (mm.). 2,600 2,650
A wide range of wheels – rear (mm.). 1.480 to 1.485 1.495 to 1.505
The minimum distance from the floor (mm.). 162 160
Weight (kg) 1,041 1,005
Fuel tank capacity (L). 41 42




Console and the interior of the Nissan Almera Nismo. 


Nissan Almera Nismo cabin still looks the same. The center console is decorated with premium materials, black piano black finishing materials and premium silver, black cloth seats. For options and amenities include air conditioning, automatic meter reading display data, the Infotech’s no 6.1-inch touch-enabled communication and entertainment and so on.



Console and the interior of the Suzuki Ciaz RS.


The cabin of the Suzuki Ciaz RS Model GLX CVT, which is quoted from the desktop version of this model. Full facilities especially Infotech System of Displacement Suzuki Smart Connect 7-inch touchscreen display that supports maps for navigation, communication and entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity. Connect smart phones, and other measurement and display with automatic air conditioning, it is as well. The design has been designed variants of the shiny metal to connect to the side door. Represents a modern beautiful




1.2-liter three-cylinder engine of the Nissan Almera Nismo.



Set of shock absorbers and exhaust from Nismo.


Nissan Almera Nismo  packing 1.2-liter three-cylinder DOHC engine delivers performance up to 79 hp at 6,000 rev / min and maximum torque of 106 Newton – meters at 4400 rev / min delivers save more by cutting the engine by. automatic When the car is in park close (Idling Stop) and will run again when you press the accelerator. And XTRONIC CVT transmission with gear set also comes with the Performance Package is a set of shock absorbers. And exhaust Nismo added driving efficiency even better.



1.25-liter four-cylinder engine of the Suzuki Ciaz RS.


Suzuki Ciaz RS  packing engines 1.25 liter 4-cylinder 16-valve engine delivers performance up to 91 hp at 6,000 rev / min and torque of 118 Newton – meters at 4000 rev / min fuel economy of 20 km / liter and transmission with automatic transmission CVT.


security system

The  Nissan Almera Nismo and  Suzuki Ciaz RS has options of security below.

security system Nissan Almera We Suzuki Ciaz RS
structural Safety Zone Body Concept TECT
Steel bumper beam *
Safe deposit bag front front
ELR front seat belts Two three-point seat Two three-point seat
The second row seat ELR seatbelts The two-seat three-point seat two middle. The two-seat three-point seat two middle.
Seat belt warning light on the driver. *
The rear door is opened from inside the car, the child protection system. * *
Anti-lock system (ABS). * *
Brake force distribution (EBD). * *
Brake Assist (BA) * *
Rear Camera *
Rear park *
Tire repair kit emergency *
Front fog lights * *
The third brake light * *
Anti theft system, Immobiliser * *
Burglar * *



Nissan Almera Nismo Performance Package 1.2VL CVT price 655,000 Baht.

Suzuki Ciaz RS  Model GLX CVT price of 675,000 baht. 




Nissan Almera We


Nissan Almera Nismo comes with a set of Nismo straight from Japan that this is not just look sporty active. It also comes with a suspension that grip the road better. That mood is exhilarating super sports car ever. The only thing missing side mirror turn signal but LED Daylight replacement.



Suzuki Ciaz RS


Suzuki Ciaz RS Jessup car is a compact car that represents modern aesthetics. Both external and internal In particular, the filling system Suzuki Smart Connect Infotech screen with a touch display. With projector headlights But no improvement compared with the same suspension. Overall, it highlights the luxury sports over.

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