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Nissan Terra vs Ford Everest shines a new four-wheel drive PPV


Nissan Terra vs Ford Everest

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          In the year 2018, it can be considered as the year of a multipurpose vehicle based on a pickup truck or PPV  . To come uninterruptedly One of them is the Nissan Terra. The PPV multipurpose car from Nissan has been developed and presented to fans for the first time, which has received the attention of a few fans and an equally interesting partner is the Ford EverestMinor Chain Dodge This time comes with a new force, even stronger. With new options that add to the unforgettable impression


          For models that will be compared this time, Nissan side delivered a version of Nissan Terra 2.3 VL 4WD 7AT Ford parts delivered version of the Ford Everest 2.0L Bi-Turbo Titanium + 4×4 10AT  models, four-wheel drive, both.



          Personality outside of Nissan Terra is still an aura of Nissan NP300 Navara is one. But has been adjusted to have a unique personality Reflecting both strength and luxury Various options Fully packed From headlamps, LED projectors with dimmer lights and automatic on-off systems, supplemented with LED daylight, fog lights, tail lights, roof rails, side stairs, side mirrors, the same color as the body with electric folding system and LED turn signal Including the front-rear bumper, the same color as the car Ended with 18-inch alloy wheels 


          For the  Ford Everest, the chrome front grille has been redesigned with all 3 new strips giving a more modern personality. Equipped with external options such as HID headlights, projector with dimmer and auto-on-off, with LED daylight, fog lights, LED taillights, panoramic roofs, moonroof, roof rails, side stairs, Side mirror, chrome cover, with electric folding system and LED turn signal, electric rear door system – electrically closed, illumination, etc.

The exterior is different from the personality. This work must compare the body dimensions. To see which model has a large body Or who the wheelbase will be longer Which has the following details

Body dimensionNissan Terra Ford Everest
Length x Width x Height (mm)4,885 x 1,865 x 1,8354,893 x 1,862 x 1,836
Wheelbase (mm) 2,8502,850
Distance between front-rear wheel (mm) 1,565 – 1,5701,560 – 1,565
Height under the car (mm)225225
Body weight (kg)2.188Not specified



          Although the interior of the Nissan Terra gives a touch of Nissan NP300 NavaraTo a certain extent, but designed to reflect the luxury convenience And cutting edge By holding the 1-Touch Remote Fold and Tumble Seats that can be ordered from a single button press Combined with the folded form, the seat folds up against the front seat. Helps to increase the loading space, air conditioning system, 360 degree cooling, ceiling TV for rear passengers installed directly from the factory, infotainment system via 7-inch touch screen that can connect With USB / HDMI and 6-point speakers, including Intelligent Rear View Mirror (IRVM) technology that can select the focus in the cabin. Or behind the car And also acts as a projection screen from an intelligent, omnidirectional image camera or Intelligent Around View Monitor (IAVM) as part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility intelligent technology



          Ford Everest in this revamped version In addition to adjusting the interior details to black tones Also received intelligent technology upgrades such as tire pressure monitoring system, rear door opening-closing With free han electric, intelligent remote key And automatic car start button, sync system 3 (SYNC 3) which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Bluetooth system, full color touch screen, 8.0 inch and rear view camera The driver can also use Apple Maps and the satellite navigation system installed in the car. In addition, the Sync 3 system also comes with a voice recognition system. And sound system with Thai language For more flexible use Emergency Assistance which drivers can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth with SYNC® and connect to 1669 when an accident occurs. Or need emergency help



          Nissan Terra uses a 2.3 liter capacity diesel engine, YS23DDTT, Twin-Turbo with intercooler. Provides a maximum performance of 190 horsepower at 3,750 rev / min. Maximum torque of 450 Newton – meters at 1,500-2,500 rev / min. Transmission power through 7-speed automatic transmission with manual driving mode (M mode)


          Ford Everest uses a 4 cylinder 16 cylinder 2.0 liter diesel engine with intercooler. Provides a maximum performance of 213 horsepower at 3,750 rev / min. Torque up to 500 Newtons – meters at 1,750 – 2,000 rev / min. Transmission power via 10-speed automatic transmission.


security system

          Nissan Terra comes with quality and safety standards. Nissan Safety Shield Technologies  that protect 3 levels covering all aspects. Both parts to the technology to assist in driving, whether it is a notification technology when there is an object in the eye, a warning technology when the car leaves the outer lane, intelligent rearview mirror that can choose to display images from inside the cabin. Back view Or projecting images from a 360-degree surround camera, in which other models will be screened via the infotainment screen instead, 6 SRS airbags around the cabin, the technology helps to get out on the slopes and control the speed while down the ramp steep


          The  Ford Everest model facelift. Has been adding more safety technology with the automatic emergency brake system with pedestrian detection system, dream wipers with automatic humidity detection, intelligent high-power on-off system that uses camera to detect light The front car lights at the park, 7 airbags around the cabin, the vehicle detection system in the blind spot In addition, the Sync3 system also has an emergency call system when an accident occurs. This system will continue to work when the phone is connected to Bluetooth to increase peace of mind in traveling. 


  • Nissan Terra 2.3 version VL 4WD 7AT Price 1,427,000 baht
  • Ford Everest version 2.0L Bi-Turbo Titanium + 4×4 10AT Price 1,799,000 baht


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          Nissan Terra is a new PPV car in the Thai market that is interesting. The highlight would not escape the cutting-edge technology like  Nissan Intelligent Mobility that enhances driving safety. And more comfort In addition, the  1-Touch Remote Fold and Tumble Seats can be one of the most important features that increase the comfort of entering and leaving the cabin Which is very suitable for traveling in a family car


          For Ford Everest, of course, the strength would be inevitable in terms of more power, both horsepower and torque, as well as a 4-wheel drive system with a variety of modes to choose from. Which is more suitable for driving in the natural path, which if you and your family are adventurers who want to travel to experience the full nature, then guarantee that Ford Everest can take you anywhere, everywhere

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