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Rezvani Tank X – anti-bomb, thermal camera, 1,000 horsepower

Rezvani Tank X

It is quite viable to call Rezvani Tank X a hyper-SUV with what it’s far geared up with. the first model of this automobile changed into launched in 2017 and to date, the producer has released a new generation with quite a few enhancements in electricity, look and capacity to defend people inside.

In fact, the standard version of this car only costs slightly more than $ 30,000, but this “X” version sells for up to $ 349,000. “Designed to be a used car every day”, powering Tank is a 6.2-liter V8 engine with “supercharged” technology to achieve a capacity of more than 1,000 codes. force, while the maximum torque achieved by the vehicle is 1,180 Nm, making it the strongest SUV ever built.

In phrases of appearance, Tank X keeps the pitiful form of a navy automobile from a previous life. The pinnacle of the car stands proud with a big grille, simply below the big size bumpers to soak up the force when a collision happens. the automobile’s lighting fixtures use LED technology with daylight hours positioning lighting fixtures.


The body is stamped and designed with many angles, the rear cease of the auto is lightly stroked to create a muscle form. seen from the aspect, it appears most mind-blowing is the set of 37-inch-sized wheels connected to top-mounted tires. inner every wheel is prepared with disc brakes with eight-pin brake clamps. The tail possesses big air intake recesses, LED lighting lamps with stunning textures. The rear bumper is also enlarged and embossed with the Rezvani brand. the auto’s suspension system is of Fox Racing type.


Inside the interior, the most found material is leather, in addition, the car is also equipped with all the basic amenities of a car, including 7.9-inch touch screen entertainment.


in addition to possessing the pinnacle-notch layout and strength of its modern-day form, Rezvani Tank X additionally possesses the system you may not discover in a traditional hypercar. specifically, Tank X after having a full alternative can have a body crafted from ballistic armor, thermal digital camera system, bomb protect under the chassis, … further, you could additionally spend extra money to Equipping the car with an EMP safety gadget – a function that enables occupants stay safe from electromagnetic pulse bomb assaults.

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