Tesla launches the electric-powered Cybertruck pickup

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Elon Musk has simply introduced their initial electrical pickup in los angeles. Stand out with several styles like “utopian”. The shell uses a 3mm thick stainless-steel and “impenetrable” structure to shield the occupants, additionally to equipped with bulletproof glass front and four wheels also are 9mm bulletproof. electric motor for acceleration from 0-96km/h in 2.9S.

Vehicle for 6 people with 3 people in the front row and 3 people in the back seat. Front windshield with bulletproof.

Not using the traditional Body On Frame structure, Tesla uses a replacement skeleton platform to create the automobile extraordinarily sturdy, additionally to the automobile additionally uses a gas suspension that’s variable looking on the conditions of delivery. different.

wheels with 9mm ammo resistance
  • There are three versions sold with different configurations, the rear wheel version and battery operated within 400km cost $ 39,900,
  • higher version with 4-wheel drive and battery can operate within 480km price 49,900
  • The most expensive version with 59,900 and battery operating within 800km.
  • It is expected to be sold from late 2020 and 2021 depending on the version

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