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Tesla Model S60 premium sedan affordable


Tesla Model S60 premium sedan affordable

Tesla Model S60 premium sedan affordable. Runs beyond 337 km


Tesla Model S


          Tesla  Unveils New Tesla Model S60  and S60D sedan premium priced option is fully effective in driving, which can run up to 210 miles or 337 km. 

          Tesla Model S60 comes with a 60 kWh battery. In this model comes with rear-wheel drive gives optimum performance 315 hp and torque of 325 lb / ft to accelerate from 0-60 miles / hour just 5.5 seconds, the Model 60D provides maximum horsepower of 328 hp and torque of 387 lb /. feet and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles / h just 5.2 seconds.



Lines the sides of the Tesla Model S.


          Despite low capacity. However, customers can add an estimated $ 9,000, or more than 3 billion baht to upgrade the capacity of the battery by up to 75 kWh. You can increase the distance to travel farther than 249 miles and 259, respectively (400 and 416 kilometers, respectively), the upgrade is to improve the software’s power packed. There is no need to improve the traction battery or very busy.

          The options and materials in the  Tesla Model S60 and S60D not reveal the details come out. However, customers are provided with a rechargeable electric Tesla. Supercharger free And comes with the necessary hardware for automatic driving system (Tesla’s AutoPilot semi-autonomous) but to activate functions, customers need to raise more than $ 3,000, or about one hundred thousand baht.



A rear and top of the Tesla Model S.


          Tesla Model S60  has a starting price of $ 67,200, or approximately 2.3 million baht generation  Tesla Model S60D with a starting price of $ 72,200.

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