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Toyota Majesty challenged to compete for the Hyundai H1

Toyota Majesty challenged to compete for the Hyundai H1

start with a rough analysis, beginning with Hyundai, that has the construct of The construct of age & Richness . in spite of the looks and value, once gazing the planning, it’s in Associate in Nursing era that must be adjusted.

Toyota Majesty
Hyundai Grand Starex

Because starting a few years before the foremost outstanding model is that the New Grand Starex as a result of a date for the Model H1 feature of the structure. At the front of the pole, Four Rings or four rings and different vital components that is created of High durability Steel, that is alleged to possess no less advanced technology, whereas Toyota MajestyComes with four completely different doughnut-shaped structures, distinctive style however like the metal front grille With semiconductor diode headlights with DRL likewise as fog lights New style taillights, semiconductor diode aspect mirror with visual signal And 2-sided automatic slippery doors with anti-clamping systems The 17-inch alloy wheels


So far, the Hyundai New Grand Starex shows the outstanding design. Will see that the grille looks good Luxury mold from chrome colors Also installed the camera in harmony Projector headlights with lens With automatic headlights on-off and New Fog Lamps , new fog lights, LED taillights and Dual Power Sliding Doors that allow passengers to – from both sides of the car to control the on-off with remote and control buttons.

From inside the car Short-Type Radio Antenna for Sliding Door When closing the glass, it will look perfectly smooth with the car. This part looks uninterrupted but it’s not uncommon. Machined-Finish 16-inch alloy wheels Will see that there are fine details And constantly developing Even a little But it is appropriate for the value


Inside is important Because choosing to use this type of car to use Must see the matter of Facilities that will come to meet the needs of users That is not just a driver In which the Korean car has quite a full response Both the steering wheel can be adjusted according to the size of the driver.

Can adjust both high-low and in-out audio control buttons Answer-hang up the phone Digital information display screen for driver’s seat Can adjust the cold or warm to 3 levels, increasing the comfort of driving long distances.

The second row seat can be rotated 180 degrees. Power Outlet, 12V power supply is installed in the center console at the bottom For connecting or charging electronic devices and Rear A / C Air Vents with separate Controls For rear passengers, 8-inch screen with DVD, 6-position speakers, HDMI connector, Bluetooth, supports mobile phone connection. The back also comes with a large monitor. 13.

The Toyota All New Majesty is designed to look similar luxury. facilities Including complete use functions Wood grain steering wheel with control buttons Optitron illumination meter, MID driving information display, electric reclining seat with automatic leg support 4-point child seat leather mounting points, Captain Seat with electric back management Temperature control system provides coolness throughout the journey. Cup holder and 7 USB ports. Sunshade and lighting create an atmosphere inside the cabin. Stair-up and down.

Captain Seat with power management system from Toyota
Hyundai also uses the Captain Seat

Connect to everything with the T-Connect Telematic system, along with the GEO-Fencing alarm system when the vehicle moves out of the designated area. Fine My Car is able to check the car’s location through the SOS Emergency Service application, coordinating emergency assistance. 24 My Toyota Wi-Fi can connect simultaneously up to 9 devices parking alert notification system alert when the vehicle is started or mobile OPS (Operator Service) Search Assistant route 24 g. The book’s top restaurants for your convenience. Looks good for daily use

The 2.5 CRD diesel engine produces 175 horsepower, 441 new torque-meters of Hyundai
Toyota’s 2.8-liter engine with a maximum power of 163 horsepower

2.5 CRDi diesel engine (Commonrail Direct Injection) with variable turbo Maximum power of 175 horsepower and 441 newton-meters of torque, which is quite responsive.

Every speed range Importantly, this type of engine Already known for being economical As for the suspension system is a 5-Link Rigid Axle with Coil Springs, of course, providing both traction And softness at the same time Having said that, this has quite a bearing on the choice of the car that is not used alone.

Making the suspension system respond as desired Manufacturers must give priority And as seen from the Hyundai New Grand Starex, it did well. Toyota All New MajestyThe engine uses a capacity of more than 2.8 liters, supporting B20 diesel fuel with a maximum power of 163 horsepower at 3,600 rev / min and maximum torque of 420 newton-meters at 1,600-2,200 rev / min.

Transmission is via 6-speed automatic transmission. MacPherson Strut The rear 4-Link Rigid Axle with Coil Springs looks slightly inferior.

Before and when the accident hindrance system of the Hyundai New Grand Starex comes with an entire stability system. Helps to regulate the direction once sharp braking New front and facet airbags Protects the driving force and front passengers from frontal and facet impact collisions or on either side.

Disc brakes on all four wheels work at the side of the anti-lock braking system. And stability system Helps to regulate the direction once sharp braking that is appropriate for big cars like this, furthermore because the Back sensing element, Reversing Warning System which will operate mechanically once getting into the R gear.

Of course, this Korean automotive has done well since the primary however as I aforesaid Technology is continually dynamical. These could seem too common for cars of this age.

The management system of the Hyundai New Grand Starex is complete

Of course, the new model, like the T oyota All New Majesty, will have an advantage because things That was developed into a new thing Complete with superior safety systems, such as 9 additional safety airbags, blind spot warning system on the side mirror Warning system while driving Car camera Comes with the T oyota Safety Sense system which consists of Including safety systems before the collision (Pre-Collision System) Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams are all equipped with advanced facilities.

Maximum, such as 7 USB connector, sunshade position and reading light To relax throughout the journey with a connection to everything with the T-Connect Telematic system.With a GEO-Fencing alert system when the vehicle moves out of the designated area.

Fine My Car is able to check the car’s location through the SOS Emergency Service application, coordinating 24-hour emergency assistance. My Toyota Wi-Fi can connect. Up to 9 devices. Parking Alert. Notification system via Notification when the car is started or mobile. OPS (Operator Service) 24-hour route assistance assistant. Comfortable Travel

Toyota All New Majesty has no different advanced technology

Looking at the various things, adding a new car model that was launched less than a month to compare with cars released for over 10 years is quite different, which is not strange.

As said that the comparison of these two cars Is just the trend of the automotive world only Didn’t have anything to entice people to choose a newer version than the old one Which if speaking directly Should look at the changes of each car model rather than what direction it has changed Suitable for use today is much less.

Another thing to keep to think and the duration of the car sold is different. The cumulative sales are different, do not need to press the calculator, easy question, do not need to answer which model you want to buy Under similar price conditions Depends on the enthusiast But if the old model is still good, it should be interesting

As for the driving performance Then probably have to compare the car again Because this work is still not known that the rival of Hyundai , ToyotaWill come out what form As said that this work must look long. Although both models are receiving a lot of attention at this time because of the new car trend that must be matched But don’t forget that the group of users wanting to own a Premium Van is powerful enough to own any model. No need to be these two camps The two models being compared are natural.

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