Toyota Revo Z Version 610 Hp ATP racing performance

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Manage the strength of the Toyota Revo Z Edition to drag Drag 402 m. To guarantee the strength of the Revo Z Edition. The car that we will present this is the molding of ” Ee Pla ATP Racing. Performance “with the concept” beautiful, cheap, “can make a horsepower of 610 Hp. Time 10.4 Sec with the original gear, weight 5 tons, with the power of GD 2,400 cc. Turbo.

Customized according to rules, weight 5 ton, Kevlar PSP front cover. With the story of the exterior beauty of the Revo Z Edition , this new design. By adding front and back bulges from the center already The hood is black Kevlar from the PSP

The left and right front doors are changed to fiber, with 2 acrylic panels in the side. The front and back glass still use the original glass from the factory. Follow the competition rules of the program.

Engine 2GD 2,400 cc. 610 Hp
Turbo “The long-awaited end of the road” F55 Greddy front cover, central shirt Te 0624V, back shell number 6
Exhaust manifold JIIT Header Turbo
Stainless steel manifold thickness 3 mm. From ATP Racing Performance

The power of the GD Bo Greddy Te 0624V

The engine is a 2GD 2,400 cc engine. Horsepower is approximately 150 horsepower. “Eel Pla ATP Racing Performance” Modified to add a new set.

Rear suspension Four Link By JIIT Header Turbo

Beginning with the replacement of the camshaft to ATP, the spring valve was changed to Aerflat , the Aerfalt retainer changed the original hydraulic valve set to ATP ‘s solid valve to prevent the valve from loosing. As well, to scrape off the lid to polish the intake intake port to slip up The weather will get in and out well.

The new top-bottom wishbone has been rebuilt so that the wheelbase closes in more than ever

After that, change the connecting rod to use the MRX connecting rod of the ARP. This machine clears coolant with Lucas 10w-40 engine oil and add the fuel engine oil ofOmega 909 into the collection manifold change the material and the intake manifold is a stainless steel of the ATP to Blow Off Valve ‘s Prc of the exhaust pipe header new way Jiit Header Turbo pipe. Les 3 “out the side of the turbo cheek.” The end of the long-awaited alley “is the definition of elder Ae.

Cosmic Wheels 15 “Brake Strange Hoosier Tires

Have to ask you what it is The turbo kit is the F55v Megaphone in front of the central Greddy Te0624v Megaphone in the back of the No. 6, wearing a separate Wc Prc and walking with a newer, larger blade to condense hot air to cool faster.

As for the oil system, install a BRD tank and install the BRD fuel rail before entering the regulator of the King.Before getting into the injectors of Pongsak Diesel, all the fuel joints are owned by King .

This car uses the latest ECU Shop Stan Alone V.5 . Is a distributor of oil and fire by Oat Kwan mechanic as a kick-off box tuning program Which this car uses about 50 pounds of booster horsepower, which is approximately 610 Hp.

This much horsepower requires the clutch of the BRC , copper comb cloth, as a handle to horsepower into the original Revo gear from the factory before entering the sprocket. Rear Ready to connect the Tet set to make the rear wheel rotate at the same time When going out of the car, it will soar forward well.

Suspension set up by Jiit Header Turbo

Let’s look at the suspension system of this car. What to do, ” AT Pluto ATP Racing Performance” sent the car to ” JIIT Header Turbo ” to manage the new suspension setup throughout the system, starting from the front wing set to create a new lower wing to be lighter.

JIIT Header Turbo Bar

Same and make the front wheel narrower than the original wheel, with the Cosmic Model DS-052 wheels 15 “wide 4.5” covered with Hoosier tires number 26×4.5-15. Go from there, find the shock absorber.

OMP Steering Wheel, Kirkey Bells Simpson

With a new front suspension setup, a new K spring set, and the rear suspension with Four Link mounting points.Re-enter, with the tweezers remaining in place of the original mounting point The rear wheelbase does not extend, but choose to use a wide mag.

ECU Shop Stand Alone V.5 Special

To put in instead Because if the rear wheelbase is more extended Too much front wheel base Which is not symmetrical when the car is out, the car will not be straight, there is a sway – Sema Can waste time The rear wheels choose the Cosmic wheel model Ds-052, covered with Hoosier tires 275/60/15.

At the race, the tires are approximately 9 psi, depending on the track conditions when competing. The brakes use the whole set of Strange. The front brake calipers are 4-pot, 2-pot and 2 plates of the whole Strange.

All Rolls-Roll Bar cushion comes

After removing all the original equipment from the car, it’s the duty of JIIT Header Turbo to manage the whole new roll bar for driver safety. Then take a Kirkey seat and insert it with Simpson ‘s bell.

The steering wheel uses the Omp handlebar. After that, an AIM screen is added to check the engine change and warn when the value changes from the location. Keep

This is the details of the Toyota Revo Z Edition that ” AT Pla ATP Racing Performance ” molded with the concept ” Beautiful, cheap ” with 610 horsepower available with a guarantee time of 10.4

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